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Blinds and security grilles

In addition to our range of blinds, shutters, fabrics and mosquito nets, Bertusi & Strehl SA also specializes in the installation of security and anti-burglary systems and closures. Ensuring the enclosure of buildings, securing stores, protecting shop windows, delaying break-ins. Shops, shopping malls, manual or motorized operation, large opening widths and heights wind resistance, small footprint, high or low traffic (number of uses), different operating modes

Security grids

All our grilles and all our rolling shutters comply with the European standard EN 13241-1 in force since May 1, 2005 and are CE labeled.


Protective curtains

All our rolling shutters and grilles comply with European standard EN 13241-1 in force since May 1, 2005 and are CE labeled.

grilles de sécurité latérales

Rolling doors

We have refined the already proven rolling door technique to make it more ergonomic, more efficient to serve buildings and garages better. wind and bad weather, but also  curious glances, heat and the risk of break-ins.

portes roulantes en aluminium

Folding shutters

This extremely robust folding shutter made of impact-resistant aluminum profiles protects your business or residential premises against burglary, vandalism and damage caused by hail and storms.

stores de sécurités anti effraction

Some advantages of our security grilles and blinds

Protect with finesse
The Dentel Grid is ideal for businesses wishing to offer great visibility on their window.

Comfort and safety
The insulated Murax curtain is designed to protect your premises while providing thermal and sound insulation. With its reduced openings, it is an alternative to sectional doors.

High density steel
The Murax 47 curtain or small slats is particularly suitable for offices or shops thanks to its reduced overall dimensions.

Total closure for  maximum protection
Thanks to its exclusive slat profile, the Murax 110 curtain offers maximum rigidity and meets the highest safety requirements. It offers the best value for money. It is the most sold in France.

Enhance your showcase
The Murax Vision curtain is designed to protect your premises while emphasizing aesthetics and brightness day and night. The transparency of the apron allows total visibility of your shop window.​

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