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  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Toiles design selector

    Selector designer fabrics Choice of fabric colors and patterns In order to allow an optimal choice, our awning fabrics can be visualized in different real scenes. You will get a first impression of the selected canvas on the store. Once the decision has been made, print it out comfortably using the corresponding function, or send us your selection directly. Quality canvases Sattler awning fabrics give you more than just shade. They protect you from the sun and weather conditions. They are a central element of decoration for your home, your store or your environment. They create an atmosphere and give you a living space for several years. This is why Sattler has made it its mission to unite pleasure and functionality. Our fabrics are high-tech products that meet the requirements for timeless design and diversity of production. To summarize: “thinking highTEX”. Our quality promise for your Premium shade. ​

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Contact, addresses and maps

    Contact us for advices, an offer or an intervention Contact form Fill out our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course, you have the possibility to send us an e-mail on . In case of emergency or at your convenience, do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Last name First name E-mail Telephone Address Zip/postal code Product choice Product choice Tell us the subject of your request URGENT troubleshooting Repair / overhaul Request for quotation / project study Service and maintenance Information on work in progress Other Message Send Your information has been transmitted successfully. We will contact you very soon, thank you! Location Emplacements Bertusi & Strehl SA - Lausanne Chemin des Avelines 5 1004 Lausanne Phone : 021 624 01 16 Bertusi & Strehl SA - Geneva Avenue de Luserna 22 1203 Geneva Phone : 022 344 40 09 Téléphones Areas and rates of intervention Specialist in the maintenance and repair of blinds in French-speaking Switzerland, we operate at the same price in all localities of the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. Indeed, in addition to Lausanne and Geneva, we regularly intervene, within the framework of installation, maintenance and after-sales service contracts for blinds, shutters and mosquito nets, on the coast (St-Sulpice, Morges, Aubonne, Nyon, Rolle. .. ) and Lavaux (Pully, Tour-de-Peilz, Vevey, Montreux... ). More exceptionally, at the request of our partners, we travel to more remote areas, particularly in the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Valais. ​

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - External blinds, closures and shades

    Our products Slat blinds Roller shutters Canvas awning Interior blinds Pergolas and patio roofs Shutters mosquito nets Security blinds Umbrellas Close Select your tent canvas Automation and motorization Sale of spare parts

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Blinds, shutters and mosquito nets in Switzerland

    Protective roofs Integrated solar blind Maintenance and installation of blinds, shutters, shades and mosquito nets Bertusi & Strehl is the leader in French-speaking Switzerland in the field of sun protection, shading and closures. Our techniciens are at your disposal for any repair, replacement, installation work or to prepare your project. Assortiment produits Slat blinds Roller shutters Canvas blinds Interior blinds Pergolas and patio roofs Shutters mosquito nets Security blinds Umbrellas Quality and reliability High quality products, designed with a view to longevity. Swiss manufacture. Professional +25 qualified employees spread over our various sites Regional 3 branches in French-speaking Switzerland for greater proximity and better responsiveness Know how Bertusi & Strehl is more than 100 years of presence in the field of blinds et shutters Free quote Free and non-binding offer What makes us strong Our teams of blinders have many years of experience within our company to their credit. Thus, we can offer you our services for the installation or replacement of all types of blinds but also for the repair or unblocking of existing blinds, the replacement of straps, cranks, rollers or blade. Installation and renovation Ask for a free estimate They trust us IMMOVABLE ROSSET Our infrastructure includes repair workshops for slat blinds, roller shutters, mosquito nets and shutters as well as a sewing workshop for tent fabrics. In addition, we are qualified and equipped to repair, with original parts, the majority of Swiss and European manufacturing systems: Alu-Store, Amstutz, Griesser, Schenker, Hartmann, Hella, Kadeco, Kästli, Lamelcolor, MHZ, Proma, Regazzi, Stobag, Stoma, Velux and Winter Creation. Repair Call us for an appointment Online sale of professional spare parts Need a spare part? You want to install products yourself professional quality? Visit our online store and find all the accessories, components and wear parts you will need for your work. To our sales site To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. The maintenance of blinds occupies an important part of our activity. We work with many property managers and technical services in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva; and have maintained excellent business relationship with our customers for many years. In addition, we have several maintenance mandates for professional sites, the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, the HUG in Geneva, etc. We are committed to always providing quality work at competitive terms. Maintenance Make a maintenance appointment At your request, our technical managers will be happy to come to you to present the products and services that interest you, advise you on the technical aspects of your project and draw up a free and non-binding offer for your work. CAMABOX BX4000 CAMABOX BX4000 CAMABOX BX4000 1/2 Free quotes and advice Ask for a free offer No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. Who are we ? Bertusi & Strehl SA specializes in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of blinds and closures, in particular slat blinds, hinged shutters, rolling shutters, mosquito nets, fabric blinds and pergolas. The origins of our company date back to 1911 when it was founded of the company Adelmo Bertusi, father of Pierre Bertusi who joined forces in 1960 with Jean-Paul Strehl, interior designer. Today it is his sons, François and William Strehl, who run the family business. We collaborate with many property managers and architects throughout French-speaking Switzerland. We also offer our services for maintenance mandates for professional and institutional sites. In addition, we bring great attention and all our expertise to the work carried out for our individual customers, whether it is a new installation or a refurbishment.

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Terrace roofs and bio-climatic pergolas

    All-weather roof with integrated sun protection Year round sun and weather protection Patio awnings offer many benefits to lovers of fresh air. Thanks to the shoring from the front, these systems are very robust. If there is a sufficient slope and equipped with a waterproof cover, they not only serve as a shading system but can also be used as a shelter in the event of rain without any problem. Whether the sun is shining or it is raining, with the modular glass roof system you are always perfectly equipped – even in the event of a snowfall. Depending on the field of application, the desired size and your design requirements, we offer you many solutions. Parasol with offset mast A parasol with an offset pole offers incredible freedom: their small footprint and their large canvas surface allow a very varied use. The mast is installed on the side and allows (depending on the model) to mount several sunshades on a single mast. Thanks to the patented One Move system, the parasol opens and closes with a simple slide without having to move the table and chairs. The ideal parasol for catering areas or your terrace. ​ Up to 4 umbrellas per pole Up to 38 m2 of coverage for one parasol "One Move System" extremely light operation Durable aluminum construction Closes above the table Learn more Parasol with central pole In this patio umbrella, the pole is in the middle. All our central pole garden parasols are easy to use thanks to light operation and are ideal as a café, hotel and catering parasol or to create shade on your terrace. All our parasols have a 5 year guarantee on color retention. ​ Square Parasol 4 x 4 m, Round diam. 2.7m Contemporary and refined design Great ease of use / easy to move Fully integrated LED lighting Sustainable materials / aluminum Patented Learn more Wall umbrella A wall umbrella attaches to the wall, as the name suggests. Thanks to this solid wall fixing, the offset parasol does not take up floor space. This large wall-mounted parasol swivels horizontally and can be combined endlessly so that you always have a tailor-made parasol for your terrace. Thanks to the patented One Move system, the parasol opens and closes with a simple slide without having to move the table and chairs. ​ Up to 2 square parasols combined Up to 19 m2 of surface per parasol Fixed wall bracket Patented "One Move System", extremely easy to use Learn more Paraso à mât excentré Parasol à mât central Parasol mural Fixation Sealing foot Steel base 90 x90 x 7 cm Steel base 100 x 100 x 5/10 cm Floor plate 70 x 70 cm Floor plate 70 x 50 cm Wall mounting Wall mounting Finishing Gray structured lacquer RAL9007 White structured lacquer RAL9016 silver anodized Black structured lacquer RAL9005 copper anodized Available colors Availability may vary depending on umbrella models Natural White White Sand prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_butter_cup.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_olefin_bitter_orange_001.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_olefin_traffic_red_011.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_terra_cotta.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_paris_red.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_taupe.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_lead_grey.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_olefin_platinum_grey_008.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_carbon_grey.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_black_widow.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_night_blue.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_olefin_denim_blue_005.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_olefin_leaf_green_006.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_olive_green.png prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_premium_tweed_shell.png PREMIUM ACRYLIC prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_premium_tweed_toast.png PREMIUM ACRYLIC prostor_specificatie_kleur_acryl_premium_tweed_grey.png PREMIUM ACRYLIC Black Tweed PREMIUM ACRYLIC Accessories Accessoires prostor_specificatie_24v_led.png The 24V LEDs (with remote control) are beautifully integrated into the parasol and can be fully adjusted. prostor_specificatie_rgb_led.png Our 24 V RGB LED allows you to create a specific atmosphere on your terrace. You can choose the desired color and configuration via the remote control. The RGB LED is also dimmable. prostor_specificatie_batterij_kit.png External battery to take advantage of dimmable LED lighting without connecting to the 220 V network. 8 to 12 hours of autonomy depending on the configuration. Not for RGB. prostor_p8_specificatie_heater.png IP X5: total protection against rain and water jets. It is not necessary to remove the heater when closing the parasol because it never comes into contact with the canvas. prostor_specificatie_stopcontact.png The socket is mounted on the pole. prostor_specificatie_beschermhoes_deluxe.png The deluxe waterproof protective cover protects your parasol against all weather conditions. This cover is a surlast fabric dyed in the mass in gray or black. prostor_specificatie_regen_goot_2.png The gutters make it easy to connect several parasols. prostor_specificatie_bedrukking.jpg Personalize your umbrella with your own logo. Swivel castors Move your parasol easily thanks to the wheels with brakes. Only for P6 UNO. prostor_specificatie_protection_screen.jpg The translucent screen offers protection against COVID-19 and the surface of your terrace is optimally used. prostor_specificatie_prostor_clean_1.png Removes stains and odors from umbrella fabric. Prostor GUARD Protects against stains/contamination and is water repellent. Repair kit A unique clear repair product that seals small tears/holes in fabric.

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  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Canvas blinds and shades for the home

    Canvas blinds Vertical blinds The terrace season begins as soon as the first sunny days appear: lunch, convivial evenings, relaxation – an ideal place to receive family and friends. A canvas awning offers comfortable protection from the sun for all occasions and is a key element of your terrace. Balconies and terraces Perfect solutions for sun and weather protection – even when smoking is prohibited. Which restaurateur or hotelier is not faced with this problem? From spring to autumn, there are many days of uncertain weather. As soon as the garden furniture is wiped dry, the next downpour arrives without warning. Learn more Single throw arm Double the benefit of METRO projection awnings by benefiting from both relaxing shade and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Learn more vertical descent Esthétique et efficace, les stores modernes à descente verticale STOBAG offre un grand nombre_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_de solutions pour toutes les applications imaginables. Whether filigree cable guidance or wind-resistant interior fabric guidance - thanks to proven and intelligent STOBAG technology, facade shading systems create optimal and provide the desired protection against the sun and prying eyes. Learn more Darkening The optimal solution when it comes to shading conference rooms, training rooms and private premises. The modern VENTOSOL shading system- LUNERO enables infallible room darkening. Learn more Conservatory awnings STOBAG conservatory shades are tailor-made and individually designed; they offer a maximum of possibilities. Permanent quality controls and the use of certified brand textiles with up to 100% UV protection. Over 400 canvas patterns and thousands of color combinations. Learn more Double blinds on feet The free-standing double blinds make it possible to create flexible and mobile shade for large areas that can exceed 40 m². Learn more Fabrics : colors and designs For optimal appreciation, awning fabrics can be viewed and installed on a frame and in different situations. This gives you a first impression of how the fabric looks on the awning. Once you have made your choice, you can print the image using the corresponding function or send a request to your Installer. Canvas selector

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Stores extérieurs, fermetures et ombrages

    Exterior or interior blinds, adjustable slats, pergola blinds... we motorize and connect solar protection systems so that you can take full advantage of connected equipment and your home. Your connected home partner Automation, motorization and home automation Motorization, automation Exterior or interior blinds, adjustable slats, pergola blinds... we motorize and connect solar protection systems so that you can take full advantage of connected equipment and your home. Learn more Wind and sun safety Protect your interior against the sun and your equipment against the wind thanks to the sun and temperature or wind sensor. Learn more Parts and Accessories Replace or add a remote control or switch. Learn more

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Swiss made aluminium shutters

    100% aluminum shutters Swiss made Hinged and sliding shutters To embellish traditional and modern façades, our hinged and sliding shutters ofSwiss made are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They are not only attractive, but also very practical: they provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation and guarantee increased security when properly locked. ​ Our shutters are made from reinforced extruded aluminum profiles for better rigidity. The main frame consists of a profile of 32x70 mm. The dimension of the blinds is 10x50 mm, the panels 10x80 mm. In order to prevent any oxidation, all our shutters are treated beforehand in chromate baths and powder coated at 180°. Our shutters are available in RAL colors with one of the following finishes: satin, matt or structured appearance. The NCS standard is also available. ​ Aluminum shutters As shutters are subject to many wear factors (climate, pollution), our design office has designed ultra-resistant products. Composed of 100% high-quality aluminum and manufactured and assembled using proven processes in our factory in Treycovagnes-sur-Yverdon in the canton of Vaud, our shutters are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and robust on the market. Learn more Insulated shutters We offer a selection of insulated swing shutters offering excellent acoustic protection for urban environments. Learn more Wooden shutters Wooden shutters give warmth and domesticity to the facade of your home. The trend confirms it: more and more modern houses are being equipped with shutters, often in wood. Architects and building owners particularly appreciate them when it comes to gentle renovation with a strong taste. Learn more Sliding shutters We offer a wide choice of 100% Swiss-made sliding shutters on rails with optional motorization. Safety and aesthetics are in the spotlight with this hyper-trendy product. Learn more Motorized shutters The electric motor allows the swing and sliding shutters to be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Depending on the number of leaves to be moved, it is possible to design systems for one or more leaves. Learn more Advantages of our shutters ​ 100% aluminum Modern and elegant design Large number of models Many choices of finishes: satin, matte, structured... Exceptional quality Swiss made ​

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Security rolling doors and fences

    Burglar-proof blinds SECUR FL1000 Blinds and security grilles In addition to our range of blinds, shutters, fabrics and mosquito nets, Bertusi & Strehl SA also specializes in the installation of security and anti-burglary systems and closures. Ensuring the enclosure of buildings, securing stores, protecting shop windows, delaying break-ins. Shops, shopping malls, manual or motorized operation, large opening widths and heights wind resistance, small footprint, high or low traffic (number of uses), different operating modes Security grids All our grilles and all our rolling shutters comply with the European standard EN 13241-1 in force since May 1, 2005 and are CE labeled. Grids, curtains and rolling doors Protective curtains All our rolling shutters and grilles comply with European standard EN 13241-1 in force since May 1, 2005 and are CE labeled. Grids, curtains and rolling doors Rolling doors We have refined the already proven rolling door technique to make it more ergonomic, more efficient to serve buildings and garages better. wind and bad weather, but also curious glances, heat and the risk of break-ins. Grids, curtains and rolling doors Folding shutters This extremely robust folding shutter made of impact-resistant aluminum profiles protects your business or residential premises against burglary, vandalism and damage caused by hail and storms. SECURE FL1000 Some advantages of our security grilles and blinds Protect with finesse The Dentel Grid is ideal for businesses wishing to offer great visibility on their window. Comfort and safety The insulated Murax curtain is designed to protect your premises while providing thermal and sound insulation. With its reduced openings, it is an alternative to sectional doors. High density steel The Murax 47 curtain or small slats is particularly suitable for offices or shops thanks to its reduced overall dimensions. Total closure for maximum protection Thanks to its exclusive slat profile, the Murax 110 curtain offers maximum rigidity and meets the highest safety requirements. It offers the best value for money. It is the most sold in France. Enhance your showcase The Murax Vision curtain is designed to protect your premises while emphasizing aesthetics and brightness day and night. The transparency of the apron allows total visibility of your shop window.​

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Mosquito nets for door and window

    Roll-up mosquito nets mosquito nets Our mosquito nets, made in Switzerland, rollable or pleated are designed with a concern for aesthetics, efficiency, robustness and ergonomics. The many types and configurations satisfy all demands and adapt to all types of windows and doors. In addition to the aluminum profiles, a complete series of components gives great flexibility of use and adaptation, allowing the production of automatic rollers with spring, operated by chain, by winch and crank and by electric motor operating vertically and horizontally. Winders Very elegant and discreet system at the same time. All aluminum profiles are available in natural anodized, bronze, white or other colors on request. The C42 and R42 mosquito nets are equipped with a slowdown spring preventing the fabric from rising suddenly. Learn more Electric roll-up Equipped with motor 24V or 230V, our electric mosquito nets are very practical for regular use. The elegance of the models with manual winders is preserved, as is their efficiency. Learn more Side pleats This mosquito net opens and closes like an accordion and is ideal for doors and windows thanks to its minimal threshold. It is fitted with a PVC trellis and is operated manually. Learn more Swing doors Very practical in case of frequent passages. Learn more Sliding doors All hinged and sliding doors are available in single and double leaf versions. Learn more Roll-up doors Ergonomic and stylish roll-up door With its unique side system, this mosquito net knows how to be discreet in all seasons (only 25mm thick). Its spring mechanism is simple, reliable and robust. Coming soon Fixed and removable frames The fixed and removable frames equipped with mosquito nets offer very effective protection while remaining discreet. These frames are perfectly suited to seasonal use thanks to the ingenious and multiple fixing systems allowing installation. Learn more Protection for step-overs and skylights Derived from mosquito net frames. These systems are equipped with steel or aluminum nets. They adapt perfectly to all types of drop-overs or skylights. Learn more Advantages of our mosquito nets ​ High strength aluminum and composite Modern and elegant design Many models and options Many choices of finishes: colors, nets and closing system Manufacturing quality Value for money ​

  • Bertusi & Strehl SA - Swiss made roller shutters

    Swiss-made roller shutters Roller shutters ​ The roller blind protects the interior of your house or apartment from the weather, noise pollution and prying eyes. Once the roller shutter is closed, it forms with the window an air-filled insulated space which provides good thermal insulation. In the closed position, a roller shutter ensures total darkness, in the slightly open position, the incoming light is filtered. It also has an anti-theft effect. This characteristic is magnified with the use of safety locks thanks to a rigid connector (protection against lifting), a rigid connector from la Somfy motorization or the installation of security rolling shutters with extruded blades. ​ STANDARD STANDARD traditional roller shutters, with classic "straight" shaped slats, can be installed in new constructions as well as conversions and renovations, in existing boxes or lintels. Available with and without insulation. Learn more COMPACT COMPACT slats, made from high quality double lacquered aluminum strip and filled with foam with excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics. Our polyurethane foam does not contain hydrocarbon elements or fluorinated or chlorinated compounds. Learn more REGAPACK The REGAPACK and TRIPACK stackable shutters offer many advantages, for example a large gap between the slats, which guarantees better ventilation of the room and more incidence of light, or the integrated safety against the lift in closed position. Learn more WOODEN ROLLER SHUTTERS It not only provides thermal protection (both against heat and cold) and acoustic protection of the house at the window level, but also protection against bad weather (hail) and break-ins. Learn more MONOBLOCK The MONOBLOC is a roller shutter integrated in an aluminum box. This system allows installation on the facade or in openings even without reservation. Learn more SAFE SECUR security roller shutters are almost inviolable. They are made of extruded aluminum profiles, which have excellent stability. Learn more SECUR FL1000 This extremely robust folding shutter made of impact-resistant aluminum profiles protects your business or residential premises against burglary, vandalism and damage caused by hail and storms. Learn more Advantages of our roller shutters ​ Minimal use of plastic Modern and elegant design Structured matte paints Security blinds 2-year SIA warranty Value for money Swiss made ​

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