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Canvas blinds

Vertical blinds

The terrace season begins as soon as the first sunny days appear: lunch, convivial evenings, relaxation – an ideal place to receive family and friends. A canvas awning offers comfortable protection from the sun for all occasions and is a key element of your terrace.

Balconies and terraces

Perfect solutions for sun and weather protection – even when smoking is prohibited.   Which restaurateur or hotelier is not faced with this problem?  From spring to autumn, there are many days of uncertain weather. As soon as the garden furniture is wiped dry, the next downpour arrives without warning.

Stores bannes à projection

Single throw arm

Double the benefit of METRO projection awnings by benefiting from both relaxing shade and an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Store toile à bras simple pour fenêtre

vertical descent

Esthétique et efficace, les stores modernes à descente verticale STOBAG offre un grand nombre_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_de solutions pour toutes les applications imaginables. Whether filigree cable guidance or wind-resistant interior fabric guidance - thanks to proven and intelligent STOBAG technology, facade shading systems  create optimal and provide the desired protection against the sun and prying eyes.

Stores toiles verticaux stobag


The optimal solution when it comes to shading conference rooms,  training rooms and private premises. The modern VENTOSOL shading system- LUNERO enables infallible room darkening.

Store toile pour toit et puit de lumière

Conservatory awnings

STOBAG conservatory shades are tailor-made and individually designed; they offer a maximum of possibilities. Permanent quality controls and the use of certified brand textiles with up to 100% UV protection. Over 400 canvas patterns and thousands of color combinations.

toit en verre avec protection solaire en toile

Double blinds on feet

The free-standing double blinds  make it possible to create  flexible and mobile shade for large areas that can exceed 40 m².

Store toile double sur pied

Fabrics : colors and designs

For optimal appreciation, awning fabrics can be viewed and installed on a frame and in different situations. This gives you a first impression of how the fabric looks on the awning. Once you have made your choice, you can print the image using the corresponding function or send a request to your Installer.

Stores toiles de tentes armatures tissu.
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