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Hinged and sliding shutters

To embellish traditional and modern façades, our hinged and sliding shutters ofSwiss made  are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They are not only attractive, but also very practical: they provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation and guarantee increased security when properly locked.

Our shutters are made from reinforced extruded aluminum profiles for better rigidity. The main frame consists of a profile of 32x70 mm. The dimension of the blinds is 10x50 mm, the panels 10x80 mm. In order to prevent any oxidation, all our shutters are treated beforehand in chromate baths and powder coated at 180°. Our shutters are available in RAL colors with one of the following finishes: satin, matt or structured appearance. The NCS standard is also available.

Aluminum shutters

As shutters are subject to many wear factors (climate, pollution), our design office has designed ultra-resistant products. Composed of 100% high-quality aluminum and manufactured and assembled using proven processes in our factory in Treycovagnes-sur-Yverdon in the canton of Vaud, our shutters are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and robust on the market.

Volets battants en aluminium type C

Insulated shutters

We offer a selection of insulated swing shutters offering excellent acoustic protection for urban environments.

Volets battants avec profil isolé

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters give warmth and domesticity to the facade of your home.


The trend confirms it: more and more modern houses are being equipped with shutters, often in wood. Architects and building owners particularly appreciate them when it comes to gentle renovation with a strong taste.


Sliding shutters

We offer a wide choice of 100% Swiss-made sliding shutters on rails with optional motorization.


Safety and aesthetics are in the spotlight with this hyper-trendy product.

Volets coulissants Champagny suisse

Motorized shutters

The electric motor allows the swing and sliding shutters to be opened and closed at the touch of a button.


Depending on the number of leaves to be moved, it is possible to design systems for one or more leaves.

volet motorisé

Advantages of our shutters

  • 100% aluminum

  • Modern and elegant design

  • Large number of models

  • Many choices of finishes: satin, matte, structured...

  • Exceptional quality

  • Swiss made

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