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mosquito nets

Our mosquito nets, made in Switzerland, rollable or pleated are designed with a concern for aesthetics, efficiency, robustness and ergonomics. The many types and configurations satisfy all demands and adapt to all types of windows and doors. In addition to the aluminum profiles, a complete series of components gives great flexibility of use and adaptation, allowing the production of automatic rollers with spring, operated by chain, by winch and crank and by electric motor operating vertically and horizontally.


Very elegant and discreet system at the same time. All aluminum profiles are available in natural anodized, bronze, white or other colors on request. The C42 and R42 mosquito nets are equipped with a slowdown spring preventing the fabric from rising suddenly.

Moustiquaire enroulable automatique entrain d'être fermée

Electric roll-up

Equipped with motor 24V or 230V, our electric mosquito nets are very practical for regular use. The elegance of the models with manual winders is preserved, as is  their efficiency.

Side pleats

This mosquito net opens and closes like an accordion and is ideal for doors and windows thanks to its minimal threshold. It is fitted with a PVC trellis and is operated manually.

Porte moustiquaire latérales plissée

Swing doors

Very practical in case of frequent passages.

moustiquaire porte battante

Sliding doors

All hinged and sliding doors are available in single and double leaf versions.

moustiquaire porte coulissante

Roll-up doors

Ergonomic and stylish roll-up door With its unique side system, this mosquito net knows how to be discreet in all seasons (only 25mm thick). Its spring mechanism is simple, reliable and robust.

Coming soon
Porte moustiquaire enroulable latérale

Fixed and removable frames

The fixed and removable frames equipped with mosquito nets offer very effective protection while remaining discreet. These frames are perfectly suited to seasonal use thanks to the ingenious and multiple fixing systems allowing installation.

moustiquaire cadre fixe avec équerres de fixation

Protection for step-overs and skylights

Derived from mosquito net frames. These systems are equipped with steel or aluminum nets. They adapt perfectly to all types of drop-overs or skylights.

grille de protection pour saut de loup et puit de lumière

Advantages of our mosquito nets

  • High strength aluminum and composite

  • Modern and elegant design

  • Many models and options

  • Many choices of finishes: colors, nets and closing system

  • Manufacturing quality

  • Value for money

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