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Roller shutters

The roller blind protects the interior of your house or apartment from the weather, noise pollution and prying eyes. Once the roller shutter is closed, it forms with the window an air-filled insulated space which provides good thermal insulation. In the closed position, a roller shutter ensures total darkness, in the slightly open position, the incoming light is filtered. It also has an anti-theft effect. This characteristic is magnified with the use of safety locks thanks to a rigid connector (protection against lifting), a rigid connector from la Somfy motorization  or the installation of security rolling shutters with extruded blades.


STANDARD traditional roller shutters, with classic "straight" shaped slats, can be installed in new constructions as well as conversions and renovations, in existing boxes or lintels. Available with and without insulation.

Volet roulant compact à Lausanne


COMPACT slats, made from high quality double lacquered aluminum strip and filled with foam with excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics. Our polyurethane foam does not contain hydrocarbon elements or fluorinated or chlorinated compounds.

Volets roulants compact avec moteur électrique radio


The REGAPACK and TRIPACK stackable shutters  offer many advantages, for example a large gap between the slats, which guarantees better ventilation of the room and more incidence of light, or the integrated safety against the lift in closed position.

Stores empilages à faible encombrement


It not only provides thermal protection (both against heat and cold) and acoustic protection of the house at the window level, but also protection against bad weather (hail) and break-ins.

volets roulants en bois


The MONOBLOC is a roller shutter integrated in an aluminum box. This system allows installation on the facade or in openings even without reservation.

volets roulants monobloc


SECUR security roller shutters are almost inviolable. They are made of extruded aluminum profiles, which have excellent stability. 

Volets roulants monobloc avec store de sécurité anti-effraction


This extremely robust folding shutter made of impact-resistant aluminum profiles protects your business or residential premises against burglary, vandalism and damage caused by hail and storms.

store de sécurité anti-effraction de stobag

Advantages of our roller shutters 

  • Minimal use of plastic

  • Modern and elegant design

  • Structured matte paints

  • Security blinds

  • 2-year SIA warranty

  • Value for money

  • Swiss made

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